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Storytelling tools

Sticky Jots’ goal is to get people’s thoughts down on paper, which is the first step in telling a compelling story. Great stories spark great conversations, and great conversations lead to even better design solutions.

Full kit comes with a storyboard sticky pad, mobile base and sticky pad, and a tablet base and sticky pad.
Use the storyboard stickies for user journeys, scenarios, and most importantly the system.
Use the mobile stickies with our free mobile thumbnail template.
Test your product out in the real world!
Be the first to purchase kits with a limited edition tablet.

Everything, Mobile and Tablet Kits ship in one to two weeks depending on availability. Refill pads in stock and ship within five business days.


What's our story?

Who are you?

We’re two kick ass SVA Interaction Design grad students and we heart stickies. We believe in tools that engage people in more productive conversations.

Why are you doing this?

When designers go straight to the computer instead of starting out with pen and paper, they get caught up in the details instead of seeing the bigger picture. Not thinking systemically can lead to miscommunication or, worse, unintended consequences and inappropriate design choices.

Cool. So why sticky notes?

In the end it’s more than just creating wireframes or user journeys. It’s about exploring all possibilities and aspects of a design in order to build better products. It’s getting people to stand up from their desks and interact with each other so that we can start having conversations. Check out Pam’s blog on the thinking behind Sticky Jots.

Are you going to sell my info?

Nope. Cross our hearts, your information is safe with us. We just want to keep in touch and we promise not to spam :)

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